WE HAVE MOVED! We are now located in Excelsior springs, MO


🖤What is your MOQ? (Minimum order Quantity)🖤
⚡We require 5 per design. You can mix your sizing to meet MOQ
🖤I accidently forgot to add a size to my order that I already placed. Can I place an add on order? 
⚡Unfortunately we can no longer accept add on orders. You will need to place a new order for the full MOQ. 
🖤Do you have a min re-sell price?🖤
⚡Double the wholesale price. 
🖤What is your processing time?🖤
⚡Our normal turn around time is 7-10 business days. This can extend longer to 10-14 business day during peak shopping times. The day after your order is placed is when your processing time starts. Processing times do not include weekends or Holidays. 
🖤Can I Use your Images🖤
⚡Yes! Feel free to use your images. 
🖤Can I do Pre order🖤
⚡Yes but only at your own risk. Stock is terrible this year so there may be thousands one day and none the next. Please be sure to let you customers know this as well! When telling them a turn around we suggest saying at least 3+ weeks. Count the week you run your pre order and then tack on two more weeks for our production time. 
🖤Can I sell these on Etsy? Amazon? Ebay? Buy-In Groups.🖤
⚡No. We will only accept customers who sell on their online stores, brick and mortars, or in their Facebook groups.
🖤I Make my own shirts. Can I still buy from you?🖤
Unfortunately no. We do not resell to other T shirt makers.
⚡Most all of our State or Spirit wear designs are fully customizable. Min order quantity will depend on the printing type. (Screen Printing has a MOQ of 20, while Sublimation has a MOQ of 12)
Re - orders of your same design is back to our standard of 5 pieces.
🖤I Make my own shirts. Can I still buy from you?🖤
⚡We have to be very careful when printing spirit wear as a lot of team names have a registered trademark. Universities, NFL teams, MLB teams are some examples.
⚡If we are notified that you are selling copies of our design or are remaking them yourself you will be immediately removed from our group and your account will be disabled.
🖤I received my order but it is wrong or damaged🖤
⚡You must contact us with in 5 business days of your package being marked delivered. Please e-mail us at hello@hustleandheart.shop with your issues. If something is damaged we will need clear pictured showing the damage. We will not replace anything that has already been sent to your customer. 
🖤Refund, Returns, Exchanges🖤
⚡An order must be canceled with in 24 hours in order to be eligible for a refund.
⚡We do not accept returns or exchanges
⚡Starting in 2022 we will ONLY be issuing store credit for any refunds or partial credits. 











Frequently asked Questions

These are made with a process called sublimation. We have a large format 64inch sublimation printer and a large format rotary press. The blanket and paper (with the printed design) is ran through the heat press embedding the custom design onto the fabric making it permanent. We do our very best to make sure there are no creases in the design but please keep in mind that there may be very small imperfection.

Your design will be printed on one side while the back side will remain white

We have two sizes:

30X40 (baby blanket) 50X60 (adult throw)

Yes!. Wash in warm/cool water and tumble dry low.

We suggest 2-2.5 times the wholesale price

Yes we can drop ship your order. The easiest way is to individually check out with each customers. Keep in mind however, we do not provide branding for your packaging.

Yes. On orders that are $500 or more.